Apple officially acknowledges problems with the screens of the iPhone 12 line (2 photos)

The start of sales of smartphones of the iPhone 12 series disappointed some fans of Apple products, which is explained by a defect associated with the appearance of green shades on a black screen.

Complaints about the inadequate operation of the screen becameappear almost immediately after the start of smartphone sales. Individual iPhone 12 owners noted that the problem did not disappear even when problem smartphones were replaced with new models in branded service centers. Now Apple has officially acknowledged the problem with the screen and promised to conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of the malfunction.

Apple's public statement noted thatThe company recognizes the reality of an issue where the screens of smartphones in the iPhone 12 line may glow green and gray or unexpectedly change colors.

Apple is primarily committed to solvingissue by releasing software updates. However, how effective these measures will be can only be shown by a thorough investigation of the true causes of the situation.