Apple patented 240Hz technology for iPhone screens

Numerous insider plansApple to introduce increased display refresh rates in new smartphones received confirmation this week. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has published an Apple patent that describes an iPhone display that has a high refresh rate mode that is two, three, or four times its native refresh rate.

Thus, an iPhone with a base frequency of 60 Hzwill be able, depending on the displayed content, to change the refresh rate of the display to 120 Hz, 180 Hz or 240 Hz. Recall that the modern latest iPhone 12 received a screen refresh rate of 60 Hz, and numerous insider reports about Apple's plans to introduce an increased frequency in the 2020 lineup of smartphones turned out to be false.

Experts believe Apple is extremely carefulis suitable for the introduction of an increased display refresh rate (ProMotion), and any other technologies that affect the rate of battery discharge and, therefore, the battery life of the smartphone. Korean media reported that the introduction of ProMotion in the 2021 iPhone lineup could be supported by the parallel use of energy efficient LTPO technology for the screen. Similar to the latest Apple Watch models, LTPO could also enable iPhone 13 models to have an always-on display with extended battery life.

Insiders have previously reported on Apple's plans forthe upcoming iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s series. The developers plan to reduce the branded "bangs", introduce the Always-On Display function, install modern wide-angle cameras, introduce a starry sky shooting mode, increase the magnet power in the MagSafe system, improve the quality of Face ID, and provide Pro smartphones with a matte black textured surface reducing the risk of the device slipping out of the hands.

Source: macrumors