Apparently Cupertino is working on a new smart speaker

According to Mark Gurman, the new device will run on the tvOS operating system and will be equipped with a built-in camera.

The new device belongs to the HomePod family andcan be connected to a TV. What for? And everything is simple: the speaker will be able to replace the Apple TV set-top box, and will also allow you to receive video calls, displaying them on your screen. It is also noted that the device will sound very good when playing music and movies.

According to Gurman, the new speaker is a combined product that should become the centerpiece of the living room.

However, in reality, the novelty is not such a novelty, the same experience can be obtained by buying the same Yandex.Station or Marusya, except that there is no camera.

However, the Apple device can still be changed and provide some kind of unique experience or services. The exact release date of the novelty is currently unknown.