Anxious people and smart devices. Pulse, pressure and other stimuli


Some topics literally jump out of nowhere, you talk to a person, and he says

confusing phrase.Your life experience and look at the same moments are radically different, as a result, the usefulness of certain things looks doubtful for the interlocutor. For example, my smartwatch constantly measures my heart rate throughout the day, and sometimes you can see how I felt. The composite stress index takes into account several parameters and quite accurately reflects the existing problems.

Now is the time to take the position of a retrograde andto say that our parents somehow lived without all this, and nothing, they knew that they were worried and worried, a watch is definitely not needed for this. Attempts to digitize everything that surrounds us are futile and often meaningless. I remember being surprised by a smart spoon that counted the speed at which you eat, as well as how many strokes you made. A clever piece of the fascination era with such gadgets, which has not found wide application. As well as a smart toilet paper holder that counts how many meters you used in a day, week or month. With its serious cost, the average person could provide himself with paper for at least six months. The absurdity of such things is obvious, but measuring your health parameters is a useful thing, isn't it?

We can argue about how this or thatthe device measures the pulse, pressure, how comfortable or simply beautiful it is. But it seems that basically we agree - devices of this kind are useful. It turns out that not everyone shares this point of view. For example, my friend casually admitted that he could not use the Apple Watch, as they count the pulse and it pisses him off, every time it seems that something is wrong with him. Throws in a cold sweat, experiences and throwing begin.

For me, this story sounded very unusual,it seemed that there was more far-fetched. I told my friends about it, who always test my stupid assumptions, feel like guinea pigs. I was surprised to hear that this point of view is close to them. And he immediately received an answer: yes, you yourself do not like to measure pressure, you ignore it and just live on. And it is true!

My blood pressure fluctuates from time to time, it comes outbeyond normal and I ignore the problem. After each measurement, I involuntarily begin to twitch and get nervous that the indicators are again not the same as I would like, I need to do something, but there are a million excuses not to do it. Ultimately, for me, this parameter is useful only in situations where it is really unbearable and, as they say, locked up. Check the pressure, perhaps take a medicine for it. But do not measure constantly, I do not need it.


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It turns out that I am also one of the people whothey worry when they see something that goes beyond the usual indicators. And there can be many such reasons for alarm, modern watches allow you to take different parameters of our body. And these parameters directly turn into irritants that we cannot ignore.

Having delved into this topic, I learned with interest thata good half of smartphone and smart watch users do not track their steps, do not consider it necessary and possible. The reasoning is always the same: my life follows a certain pattern, I cannot change it - home, work, home again. So why try to calculate and change something?

There is a downside to this story when peoplethey begin to zealously deal with their “health” and pay attention to all parameters without exception, take handfuls of medicines, despite warnings that this is not necessary. They self-medicate. Probably, there is some kind of human feature here that is inherent in us from the very beginning: as soon as we get involved in some type of activity, we begin to attach special importance to it. It's like grandmas who hit the "healthy" lifestyle where they support themselves with a bunch of pills and drink them according to the scheme, because it is necessary. They themselves create a reflex.

With smart devices, exactly the same story, they are no less attractive to many than the same smartphones. And at the same time, they allow you to see what you are doing, how active you have been.

Every day I look at the dial and seehow many steps I took, sometimes it stimulates me to give up the car and go on foot. Useful thing? I think yes. If in the evening I see that I have passed a little, irritation does not arise, rather regret. But many people who cannot turn the tide change their dial sooner or later so as not to get annoyed needlessly. And this is also a variant of how you can react - remove the irritant. It's just that someone is trying to remove it initially, and someone in the process of using the device.

The number of phobias that give rise to the samephones, huge. Remember, at one time the fear of missing an important call was very widespread? It seemed to people that the phone was ringing in their pocket, they took it out, and there was emptiness - the call was a dream, it was not there. Also a description of the level of anxiety.

Another moment is a constant, inseparablesmartphone use. You have already looked at all the messages, scrolled through the news feed or social network, but continue to open the windows so as not to miss something important. Some people unlock their phone over a hundred times a day. In terms of an hour, it turns out that they open the phone for twelve hours every ten minutes! Impressive, isn't it?

It is good that there are few such people, but this is nota natural feature, some in themselves voluntarily or involuntarily bring it up. Anxiety is an externally introduced condition that depends on news, politics, household chores. I am sure that it is possible and necessary to fight against it, the same phone can become a great helper in this, but it can also do much harm. Everything is very individual here, but the main thing that I know for sure is that you cannot make your phone turn into the most important thing in your life, become a window to the world. The physical world is no less interesting than the virtual one, you need to find a balance between the first and second. And then when you lose access to the network or your device, you will not be excruciatingly hurt, as it happens with some people, they feel lost in time and space.

I think that electronics is our assistant, but itdefinitely shouldn't be annoying. And if you remember this, choose things to help in everyday affairs, do not make them an end in itself of your existence, everything will be fine.

The topic is complex, not very popular - at the endafter all, who will admit their fears in public and talk about addictions? But we need to remember and talk about this, otherwise anxiety can engulf each of us, make us neurotic.

What can annoy you in electronics? Share your stories in the comments. And be healthy both physically and mentally.

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