Ants are better than today's technology at detecting cancer

Scientists conducted experiments with Formica fusca, better known as silk ants.

Insects with the help of a keen sense of smell found cancer cells, for which they received a reward - a sweet solution.

Moreover, ants are able to detect several types of cancer cells at once.

It turned out that for the sense of smell of an insect, eachthe cell smells in its own way, it is because of this that they can distinguish diseased areas from healthy ones. At the same time, they are able to sniff out cancer within a few minutes after their training.

As scientists note, tests have not yet been conducted on humans, but it is only a matter of time.

The research center believes that ants are a cheap and productive solution with great potential. Insects can also be used to search for drugs and explosives.

Now dogs are used for these purposes, but their maintenance and training requires much more money and time.

The same goes for MRI, which is more expensive and less accurate, limiting their use.