Antivirus scans result in loss of sensitive data

Protective software developersusers from malicious hacker programs made a mistake leading to the loss of confidential information. All files that have been tested for computer viruses were available for open download.

Cyjax experts found that using free services that check files for the presence of hacker software, users independently open access to sometimes confidential documents.

Typically checking for such files ( is provided in a separate sandbox. The user uploads his files, and the service, after scanning, issues a conclusion on the presence of malicious software. In such services, there is the possibility of open access to view scanned materials.

Cyjax specialists tracked three such platformsand after three days of control, they were able to access more than 200 documents. At the same time, along with freight forwarding bills and invoices, among these files came across both legal and government documents. However, even a study of invoices made it possible to find out the name of the company and confidential data of its employees.

Source: cylab