Another vulnerability revealed in Apple M1 processors

Apple computers running ARMM1 chips aroused the interest of not only ordinary users, but also cyber security specialists seeking to identify possible vulnerabilities in devices on a new architecture. Experts at Cornell University (USA) have identified a problem with a browser-based side-channel attack that does not use JavaScript.

The vulnerability was identified during the studythe effectiveness of disabling or limiting the use of javascript to protect computers from hacking. Experts at Cornell University have discovered a vulnerability based on the use of CSS and HTML, which allows hackers to hack even if the execution of the script in the browser is completely disabled.

The exploit is based on the Prime + Probe method,allowing you to find out which cache sets the user is accessing, which in turn will allow you to get data to steal confidential information. According to experts, the new hacking technology will bypass privacy technologies such as VPN or TOR.

After checking various browsers and computerplatforms for exposure to the identified vulnerability, it was found that in addition to the Apple M1, Intel Core, AMD Ryzen and Samsung Exynos processors were at risk. Experts believe that platforms powered by Apple M1 and Samsung Exynos are most at risk.