Another strength test passed iPhone 11 (video)

Apple fans always withthey observe with interest the rather stringent tests that brand new iPhones are subjected to by bloggers immediately after their presentation. Well-known enthusiast JerryRigEverything conducted a series of strength tests on the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 to find out how much more expensive the smartphone is stronger than the base model, which costs $ 300 less.

When assessing the hardness of a protective glass according toMoos ten-point scale, gadgets succumbed after scratching with objects corresponding to mark 7. On the video, the tester gives an example of a hardness test of sapphire glass corresponding to a hardness of 8. However, iPhone performance of 7 units is standard for all existing smartphones.

Weaker performance showed plastica gasket located between the aluminum frame and the glass of the iPhone 11, which succumbed to scratching even after weak pressing with a knife. Meanwhile, the back surface of the smartphone was not damaged after scratching with an office knife.

A statement by Apple developers about protecting the iPhone 11 camera with sapphire crystal, it is scratched when pressed with a center punch with a hardness of 6 units.
But the assembly of the iPhone 11 is performed flawlessly without backlashes and cod when bending. In a bend test on both sides, the housing and the protective glass were not damaged.