Another revolution? OmniVision 48-megapixel OV48C sensor superior to SONY IMX586 modules (2 photos)

Leading Camera Sensor Manufacturerssmartphones are constantly improving the quality and technical characteristics of the developed devices. One of the world's leading manufacturers of digital sensors for smartphones, the company OmniVision, demonstrated during the CES 2020 exhibition a new development - the 48-megapixel OV48C sensor, surpassing in technical parameters similar models already released by the main competitors Sony and Samsung.

The main advantage of the OmniVision OV48C isthe pixel size, which is 1.2 μm, while the Japanese and South Korean manufacturers in their sensors Sony IMX586 and Samsung GM2 can boast a pixel size of 48 megapixel sensors of 0.8 μm.

As a result of this, the size of the OV48C isrecord 1 / 1.3 ″, while competitors, this figure is only 1/2 ″. Only in the model of the smartphone Nokia 808 PureView, released in 2012, the camera sensor was larger and amounted to 1 / 1.2 ″. This technical feature of the OV48C sensor provides impeccable shooting in low light conditions.

Developers during a presentation at CES 2020announced that the OV48C is the only sensor in the world for mobile devices with built-in HDR with double conversion and amplification to eliminate effects when shooting dynamic scenes with a high SNR ratio.

More efficient use of HDR and abilityprocess the 48 megapixel Bayer matrix OV48C allows you to take the highest quality photos among all existing 48 and even 64 megapixel sensors. Video recording in 8K format is also available.

The developers promise that the OV48C sensor hasthe technical ability to shoot at a frequency of 15 frames per second at a resolution of 48 megapixels in real time and up to 60 frames per second with a resolution of 12 megapixels. Shooting is also available. [email protected] at 60 fps with the electronic image stabilization function activated.

OmniVision says that the OV48C sensor is ready for mass production, but does not say which smartphone will receive this sensor first.