Another phone scam

Telephone scammers seeking accessto other people's bank accounts, invent new methods of deception. Moreover, along with technically difficult methods, methods based on the psychology of the user also appear. Recently, a new way to gain confidence in a smartphone user and gain full access to the device from him has begun to gain popularity in Russia, which then entails the loss of funds from bank accounts.

The owner of a bank account receives a smartphonea call, allegedly from a bank and a fake representative of a financial institution, reports suspicious transactions with your account. Suspicion, according to him, causes transactions in a different than usual region.

After the user confirms that notI tried to make a payment in another region, the "representative" states that the account is blocked and that devices with access to work with your account should be checked. To do this, reconcile operating systems.

After finding out which system does not usethe victim, the attacker offers to help disable access to the account using the TeamViewer access delegation program. To do this, the user should pass on the password and login information. Criminals use a purely psychological technique, because he does not request confidential data related to the bank.

However, as soon as he gains controlyour smartphone, it can carry out any operations from it, including banking. At the same time, it is impossible to prove the fact of hacking, since you yourself transfer information and take full responsibility for further actions.
Law enforcement agencies generally advise against giving passwords to third parties.