Another insider spoke about the characteristics of the iPhone 13 (video)

Only a few months have passed since the presentationApple iPhone 12 line. Experts have not yet had time to conduct all the tests of new devices, and insiders are already actively discussing the future series of smartphones iPhone 13, which may receive the unconventional designation Phone 12s. The new information comes from posts on the EverythingApplePro YouTube channel and from insider Max Weinbahn.

According to the data obtained by experts, new2021 smartphones from Apple will receive OLED displays using LTPO technology, which dynamically changes the refresh rate of the screen to save energy. In this case, the maximum refresh rate of the displays of the iPhone 13 series will be 120 Hz. Apple's new iPhones will feature the Always-On Display technology, which has long been used in Android smartphones, which allows you to broadcast information about the time, weather, new notifications, battery charging, calendar and other information on the screen, without including the smartphone.

Traditionally, insiders repeated the assumption aboutreduction in the following models of the size of the branded "bangs" iPhone. The use of wide-angle cameras, night sky mode, more advanced face recognition technology and sub-screen Touch ID - all these updates will be present in new Apple smartphones. The bloggers also noted the company's plans to increase the power of MagSafe magnets (cardiologists should be even more careful about the problem of pacemakers working next to a smartphone).

The cover of the case for iPhone 13 Pro modification models will also change. The new matte black surface will help the consumer to securely hold the device and prevent accidental slipping from hands.

All insider speculations continueremain rumors and unverified data. Even if their information is correct today, in the six months left before the release of the iPhone 13 on the market, developers can make many more amendments and change the technical characteristics of future devices.