Another crash of the Starship prototype, Elon Musk bulk "step forward" (video)

Not only success accompanies all endeavorsIlona Mask. However, an enthusiast with almost unlimited financial support, as always, meets failure with honor. The second and again disastrous suborbital flight of the Starship interplanetary spacecraft prototype is called "a step forward" on the way to create a spacecraft capable of delivering hundreds of colonizers to the Moon and Mars.

The ninth prototype SN9 launched on the evening of February 2and made a successful suborbital flight to an altitude of 10 km. The launch of the giant model and the flight took place in accordance with the test schedule. It also successfully turned and reached the landing point of the ship. However, during the landing approach, as with the previous prototype, one of the Raptor's two engines began to malfunction and a disaster occurred, even more enchanting than with the SN8.

The flight duration was 6 minutes 29 seconds andAccording to SpaceX, the subsonic control program has been fully implemented and the developers have received another batch of "good information" for further analysis. The engineers noted that more detailed study and development of landing maneuvers should be performed.

SpaceX's jokers even named SN9 disaster"Unscheduled quick disassembly." Elon Musk himself said that this is still a test flight, and to create a really working interplanetary spacecraft for the colonialists, it will be necessary to complete "hundreds of missions" more. It is noteworthy that the SN9 disaster took place in the immediate vicinity and against the background of the Starship prototype, codenamed SN10, already ready for launch.