Another AirPods replacement or something completely different?

The issue of finding a replacement AirPods we have repeatedlythey raised, but this time another potential competitor of Apple's wireless headphones stands out not only because it costs several times less, but also with an intra-channel design with enhanced sound insulation ... Well, let's see. What exactly are the figures of our today's review so interesting? Yes everyone. No seriously. Starting from the packaging design to the sound quality - we didn’t expect such an inexpensive headphone. These are the HARPER HB-509 and HB-510 models, which are an attempt by the manufacturer to declare itself in the segment of real wireless headphones.

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Let's start in order: packaging from the side resembles a box of white-green color with a cover. Inside we are met by three characters: the headphones themselves, a case for charging them, a micro USB cable and replaceable ear pads.

What delights headphones HARPER at the first meeting? First, they can be used separately from each other: for example, if you need to listen to music and control the situation. The case cover of the 510th model opens smoothly by pressing a special button on the case - it looks very stylish. In the case of 509 headphones, it simply disconnects: not the most convenient solution, you can lose it, but soft-touch plastic does its job. The headphones themselves are more similar to the usual wire analogs: a round case, rubber ear cushions - the concept is not at all the same as that of Apple. By the way, both headphones have built-in buttons with which you can control playback, answer calls and turn on the headphones in order to connect them first, and then connect them to the smartphone. Model 510 connects via Bluetooth 4.2, its younger brother via Bluetooth 4.1

I personally found such a decision by the manufacturersuccessful for two reasons: firstly, the headphones are very comfortable to wear, and they really do not fall out, and secondly, there was enough space in the handle to accommodate a capacious battery. And the increase in capacity automatically indicates that this has a positive effect on the battery life.

The manufacturer promised that one charge will be enough for4 hours of continuous use of headphones (for the HB-510 version, the battery life is slightly longer). I quietly listened to them for two days on the way to the office and home. By the end of the second day, the headphones were completely discharged, and I had to put them in the charging case, so we were not deceived. In this case, the headphones can be charged three times from the cover. Although many vendors tend to fudge the real autonomy of portable devices.

Sound quality is subjective and oftendepends on the reviewer, although you should not forget about such a stubborn thing as numbers, either. The frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz already says that you can expect impressive bass from these headphones. The resistance in the 510 version is twice as large (32 ohms versus 16 ohms) and it sounds richer than the 509th.

Real sound performance turned out to beno worse than on paper. Here you will not find basses sweeping away everything in your bit, like those of the same Beats, but you will not experience a lack of low frequencies either. With the "top" is also all right: acoustic music, both models worked with dignity. Thanks to the interchangeable ear cushions in the kit, if you wish, you can make a more precise tuning of the sound and get the sound picture you dreamed of.

Bluetooth is offered in version 4.1-4.2, which is enough to listen to your favorite streaming services in the highest quality. It works stably, even short-term “roll-offs” were not recorded. In terms of practicality, even with a strong desire to find fault, it turned out to be nothing. Headphones are lightweight and pleasant to the touch side face. The headphones themselves have built-in magnets, which allows them to safely "sit" in the charging case.

The only negative - the headphones are notwaterproof, although it didn’t stop me from walking with them while walking through the snowy (actually rainy) Moscow streets. I did not climb into the pool and under the shower with them, so, as they say, it’s better not to risk it. Well, another important point: the black color of the HB-509 looks very advantageous. Headphones are so cool complement the image that I can dare to suggest that even with a strict suit they will look organically and very stylish. Model HB-510 is a bit “more fun” due to orange inserts and looks more youthful.

Can HARPER headphones be considered a good replacement?AirPods? In some ways, they clearly fall short of Apple's wireless headphones, but in terms of landing, many may find them comfortable. Well, the fact that they cost up to 3,000 rubles for the version 509 and up to 3,500 rubles for the 510th model plays a very large role. So if you’re looking for great and affordable wireless headphones, I’d seriously advise you to pay attention to these models.