Announcement. Xiaolajiao NB600S is a very designer, very Chinese smartphone

There are, there are still manufacturers of smartphones in China that honor traditions! The company, whose name is exclusively hieroglyphic, released such a handsome man in his native Celestial Empire:

Xiaolajiao, aka iLA, aka 小辣椒, aka Red Pepper. Well, the smartphone, which in the original is called 小辣椒NB600S, on our website, let it be called Xiaolajiao NB600S.

The price here, however, is still unclear. But hopefully it won't be too expensive. Although ... Who knows them there. Maybe the design uses the skin of rare species of crocodiles? And crocodiles are expensive these days.

Well, the characteristics ... It's good that they did not become greedy with memory. 6 GB operational, 128 GB permanent. Otherwise, everything is very modest and, I would say, old-fashioned.

The screen, if you look closely, with a large (yeah,old-fashioned) neckline. Standard size, 6.52″ (103 cm²). The resolution is low, only 720 × 1600 (269 ppi). There are no increased refresh rates, of course.

Chipset - MediaTek Helio P60 born in 2018, you can’t call it fresh either. In AnTuTu we are waiting for around 200 thousand points.

The battery has a capacity of only 3900 mAh. Not enough!

Cameras are simple. 8 MP front. 20 MP plus something auxiliary at the back.

There is Type-C, there is a side fingerprint scanner.

The appearance of Xiaolajiao NB600S outside of China, as you know, is unlikely. Although, perhaps, one of the YouTubers will get a little thing ... For the heading “Game”.

Key Features of Xiaolajiao 小辣椒 NB600S:

ScreenS-IPS, 6.52″, 103 cm², 720×1600, 269 ppi, touch, capacitive, multi-touch
IronMediaTek Helio P60
4 x Cortex-A73, 4 x Cortex-A53, Mali-G72 MP3
Memory RAM 6 GB, ROM 128 GB, Micro-SD
Mobile Internet LTE
Mobile networksLTE
Rechargeable Li-Pol, 3900 mAh, charging 10.00 W
Dimensions? x? x 10.3mm
Rear Camera: Dual, Flash, Auto Focus

- 20 MP

- ?? MP
front camera: 8 MP, no flash, no autofocus
Navigation GPS
SensorsFingerprint scanner (side)
USBType-C v2.0

George Kiselyov