Announcement: PocketBook 632 Aqua - flagship reader, beach version

The company PocketBook has released a new reader, but notsimple, and with protection against water. Model PocketBook 632 Aqua can easily be used not only on the beach, but also taking a bath. However, it should be borne in mind that the reader is protected from water using a special coating - HZO gel, but without complete sealing. Protection level - IPX7: the model is not afraid of short-term immersions in water, splashes, jets of water. The water gets inside, but will not do much trouble.

In the company's portfolio, this is not the first reader for the soul, but the previous one - the PocketBook Aqua 2 641 model - will soon celebrate the biennium, so there was something to update.

PocketBook 632 Aqua - the device is quiteflagship features. In terms of functionality, this is an analogue of the PocketBook 632 model. A 2-core processor with a frequency of 1.1 GHz, but the reader is no longer needed. But the built-in memory as much as 16 GB. This is a lot, given that the device is just a reader, no frills, but it is useful, since the memory card slot was abandoned.

Well, the most valuable thing is the screen. The screen is excellent - classic 6 inches, E-Ink Carta high resolution 1072 × 1448, with backlight and the ability to adjust the color temperature. There is also an automatic mode, when the reader himself adjusts the color of the screen according to the lighting. It is argued that the technology of adaptive backlighting is such that it consumes no more energy than a regular backlight, without adjustment.

Azure colors.

The recommended price at the start of sales is $ 13999.

Key features PocketBook 632 Aqua:

Screen Gradation, E-Ink, 1072 × 1448, 16 colors, Carta, color temperature adjustment
Iron 1.1 GHz
Memory ROM 16 GB
BatteryLi-Ion, 1500 mAh
Dimensions 161 x 108 x 8 mm
Weight155 g

Tatyana Kobelskaya