Announcement: Philips Xenium E109

Devices such as the new Philips Xenium E109 are already rare. Go find a button without a camera.

This one is without. But there is a flashlight, there is a radio, which can be listened to without headphones - through the speaker. It’s not a fact, however, that it will sound decent, but that’s another story. There are two slots for sim cards. And the battery is not bad.

There is no price tag yet, but it can be assumed that it will be modest. 800 rubles, no one will give more for such a treasure.

The main characteristics of the Philips Xenium E109:

ScreenTFT, 1.77 ″, 128 × 160
Micro SD memory up to 16 GB
Mobile networks GSM 900, 1800
Battery Li-Ion, 1000 mAh
Dimensions108.6 x 46.6 x 17.2 mm
Weight76 g
No camera

Tatyana Kobelskaya