Announcement of the announcement of the “anticoronavirus” ultraviolet smartphone Oukitel WP7

It’s a sin not to talk about a hot topic. Oukitel announced on May 26 that it will introduce the Oukitel WP7 smartphone, which “will help you in the fight against COVID-19.” How will it help? Using sterilization. Shortwave ultraviolet (UVC).

No exact information. But judging by the available pictures, we are talking about a special module. Yes, the smartphone is modular. Attach the UV module to it and ... what? Do you illuminate the places where coronavirus accumulates? Well, there are door handles, products brought from the store. Or go down the street and shine with this flashlight in front of you. And if a drop of moisture with viruses hanging out by someone hangs in the air, then these viruses in the light of your light bulb will die immediately in agony.

It sounds crazy. I am not a specialist in viruses or ultraviolet, but even I know. Yes, ultraviolet is used for sterilization because it kills everything. It kills so well that it is dangerous for humans too. Widely known. You can quartz rooms, but you can not quartz rooms if there are people in them. Those. Either Oukitel WP7 emits so weakly that no virus is harmed, or it is simply dangerous.

But in general, I like the train of thought. Come to the door, take out the phone, light up the door handle with it for a couple of minutes. After which the handle is sterile, you can go. Or he asks the terminal to enter a pin code. And you once - and how to light up his phone!

Oukitel WP7 smartphone already flickered at the end of 2019years at some exhibitions there. IP68-protected armored car. Decent performance (MediaTek Helio P90, about two hundred thousand points in AnTuTu), a lot of memory (8 + 128 GB), a lot of cameras (48 + 5 + 2/16 MP), a huge battery for 8000 mAh. It’s not a fact, however, that the device that will be shown to us soon will have exactly these characteristics. Could and change something. Well, we'll find out soon.

Key Features of Oukitel WP7:

Screen S-IPS, 6.53 ″, touch, capacitive, multi-touch, FHD +
IronMediaTek Helio P90
2 x Cortex-A75, 6 x Cortex-A55, PowerVR GM 9446
Memory RAM 8 GB, ROM 128 GB, Micro-SD
Mobile Internet LTE
Mobile networksLTE
GSM Bands 2 (1900), 3 (1800), 5 (850), 8 (900)
BatteryLi-Ion, 8000 mAh
Rear Camera: Triple, Flash, Auto Focus

- 48 MP

- 5 MP

- 2 MP
front camera: 16 MP, no flash, no autofocus
NavigationGPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo
SensorsFingerprint scanner (back)
USBType-C v2.0

George Kiselyov