Announcement. Kobo Libra 2 - 7 Inch Waterproof Reader - Now With Audiobook Support

Kobo is not present on our market. But at least they stopped blocking access to their website from Russian IP addresses. And thanks for that.

So that's it.Kobo is one of the few e-book makers left on the market. And one of the very, very few who produce seven-inch readers. The second one is, of course, Amazon with its Kindle Oasis.

So. Seven-inch Kobo Libra 2 e-reader. Two main features are protection against water and the presence of Bluetooth. Yes, just like the same Kindle Oasis. Moreover, screens of the same size-resolution.

Protection against water - according to the class IPX8.It can be submerged to a depth of two meters for up to one hour. The main thing is that the water is clean. Curiously, there is no dust protection class. But not the point. The main thing is that you can safely read in the bathroom or in the pool and not worry about the safety of the device.

Bluetooth is for headphone connectionor speakers so you can listen to audiobooks. Yes, only books. And only those that you bought in the Kobo store. Uploading and listening to something of your own will not work.

Appearance.By and large, it repeats the one used in the 2019 Kobo Libra H2O reader. And the one that is used in the same Kindle Oasis. Wide frames. Especially the right one, where physical buttons for paging are located. Yes, you can flip through both buttons and poking your finger into the touch screen. Who likes what more.

Screen - classic electronic inklatest generation, E-Ink Carta 1200. Resolution 1264 × 1680, which gives three hundred dots per inch. There is a ComfortLight PRO backlight with the ability to adjust the color temperature.

What is the iron filling of Kobo Libra 2,unknown. A kind of 1 GHz single-core chipset. Those. something extremely weak at the present time. However, you don't need a lot to read fiction.

RAM - 1 GB, permanent - as much as 32 GB. By the standards of readers, the volume is enormous. There is no memory card support.

Medium battery, 1500 mAh.

Connection. In addition to Bluetooth, there is also single-band Wi-Fi and a very modern USB Type-C.

And about money. Kobo Libra 2 will cost $ 179.99 (₽13,100).

Key features of Kobo Libra 2:

Grayscale screen, E-Ink, 7 ″, 1264 × 1680, 300 ppi, 16 colors, touch, capacitive, multitouch, backlight, E-Ink Carta 1200
Iron 1 GHz, 1 core
Memory RAM 1 GB, ROM 32 GB, no memory card
BatteryLi-Ion, 1500 mAh
Dimensions161.6 x 144.6 x 9 mm
Weight215 g

George Kiselyov