Announcement. INOI inoiPad mini is just a simple tablet

One tablet has already been produced under the “INOI” brand. Back in dockyard times, back in 2019. And it was not just a tablet, but a tablet on the Sailfish operating system!

Well, INOI inoiPad mini is not like that, it is not sointeresting. This is simply an inexpensive 7-inch Android tablet with very modest specifications and (sorry, marketers) an unusually clumsy name. Although, perhaps, it was conceived?

What is a little strange, the device has not yet appeared on the official website of OTHERS. However, you can already buy it. Oops. While writing the news, the status of the device changed to “Sold out”.

The tablet comes in two flavors.1 + 16 GB without support for mobile Internet and 2 + 32 GB with support for 3G networks. Apparently, the devices have slightly different batteries 2500 mAh and 3000 mAh, respectively. Although it cannot be ruled out that this is just a typo.

There is very little memory, as you can see. So there can be no full-fledged Android here. Only Go Edition (version # 10).

The chipset is the smallest.It is named SC7731 in the documentation. Such a chip certainly existed at one time or another. But, I suspect that we are talking about a slightly more recent model SC7731E. However, this does not make it much easier. 2018 release and forty thousand points in AnTuTu8 at best. Weaker and more budgetary by current standards simply does not exist.

A screen with a normal IPS-matrix, but the resolution is not high. 600 x 1024 pixels, which is only 170 ppi at seven inches.

There are cameras. The back is 5 MP, the front is 2 MP. There are no autofocus, but there is a flash.

The younger version of inoiPad mini costs ₽3,990 ($ 53.8). Of course, you will have to pay a little more for support for 3G networks and double the amount of memory - ₽5490 ($ 74.1).

"The color of the tablet can be any color as long as it is black."


1 GB + 16 GB - Wi-Fi, ₽3990 ($ 53.8), 2500 mAh
2 GB + 32 GB - ₽5490 ($ 74.1), 3G, 3000 mAh

Key features of INOI inoiPad mini:

Screen S-IPS, 7 ″, 600 × 1024, 170 ppi, touch, capacitive, multitouch
IronUnisoc SC7731E
1.3 GHz, 4 x Cortex-A7, Mali-T820 MP1
Memory RAM 1–2 GB, ROM 16–32 GB, Micro-SD up to 32 GB
Mobile Internet HSDPA, HSUPA
Mobile networksUMTS
BatteryLi-Ion, 3000 mAh
Rear camera: 5 MP, f / 2.8, flash, no autofocus
front camera: 2 MP, no flash, no autofocus
Navigation GPS
OS Android 10 Go edition
USBMicro v2.0

George Kiselyov