Announcement. BQ 2800L Art 4G - incomprehensible push-button telephone with LTE

A couple of days ago, a push-button appeared on salea phone called BQ 2800L Art 4G. Quite a large screen - 2.8 ″ (240 × 320, 143 ppi), a capacious battery - as much as 1800 mAh, a flashlight. There is also a camera, but obviously for show. The manufacturer didn't even bother to tell us its permission.

The main feature of the phone is clear from its name.This is support for LTE networks. (2G and 3G are also there, where can we go without them). The amount of memory is known. 48 MB of RAM and 256 MB of constant (plus support for memory cards). It is not enough, the quantity is not “smartphone” even once.

Further - only questions.Tell me, is LTE for voice only (VoLTE) or for data too? Do you have a browser? Any messengers - Telegram or at least WhatsApp? Can the software be installed? What is the general software and hardware platform, processor, operating system? Mocor or something else? Unfortunately, there are no answers. There is no information on the site, the support service does not answer questions.

More curious. Instead of the standard Micro-USB for push-button phones, the correct modern Type-C is used. The modern version of Bluetooth is 5.1.

More from the unknown. Is there GPS and Wi-Fi? Most likely they are, of course, not. Otherwise, they would probably have been told about them.

In appearance and many characteristics, the BQ 2800L Art 4G is very similar to the MyPhone C1 LTE sold in Poland on the Unisoc Tiger T117 chipset, but there is practically no information on it either. No reviews, nothing.

And about money. BQ 2800L Art 4G has already appeared in the BQ brand store. Price - ₽2890 ($ 38.2).

The main characteristics of the BQ 2800L Art 4G:

ScreenTFT-TN, 2.8 ″, 240 × 320, 143 ppi
Memory 48 MB RAM, 256 MB ROM, Micro-SD up to 32 GB
Mobile Internet LTE cat.1 10/5 Mbps
Mobile networksLTE Bands 1,3,7,20,38
Battery Li-Ion, 1800 mAh
Dimensions137.6 x 57.4 x 13.2 mm
Weight 134 g
Rear camera: ?? MP, flash, no autofocus

George Kiselyov