Announcement: Amazon Kindle Kids Edition Really Children's Reader -

Amazon has released a book for children. The real, correct book - that is, the Kindle. Amazon Kindle Kids Edition. Price - $ 110 at the start of sales.

The reader is classic, inexpensive, and therefore withoutexcesses. The screen is correct, ink, backlit, six-inch. Permissions, however, are small. Built-in memory 8 GB. There is support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The battery capacity is enough for 4 weeks of use, if you read half an hour a day. Whoever doesn’t have enough, one should not complain about the battery, but should brag to those around who his child is reading.

At first glance, the reader wants to be defined as intended for a young audience, due to the variety of cheerful colors included in the package case. They are really joyful, agree.

However, the main chip making the Amazon KindleKids Edition is really not the right design for a child’s device. When buying a device, a 2-year unconditional guarantee is issued, according to which the company is obligated to replace the reader, whatever happens to it (except for loss, of course - there is no money from this). When it comes to a rather fragile device by definition in children's hands, this is an important plus.

Key Features of Amazon Kindle Kids Edition:

Grayscale, E-Ink, 6 ″, 600 × 800, 16 colors, touchscreen, capacitive, multi-touch, backlight
Memory ROM 8 GB
Battery Li-Ion
Dimensions162 ​​x 119 x 14 mm
Weight288 g

Tatyana Kobelskaya