Announced the first Russian supercomputer with Elbrus processor (2 photos)

State Corporation Rostec announced the creation of the first supercomputer, designed to perform a large amount of complex calculations and processing large data arrays.

The device of the supercomputer is such that it canserve as an installation for a computer server: its structure includes small racks with four Elbrus-8C processors and liquid cooling. The stated performance of one rack - 75 teraflops double precision. This means that it can perform 75 trillion floating point operations per second.

Racks are designed in such a way that theycan be combined into one more powerful computer. According to Rostec, one Elbrus-8C processor can perform 25 operations per cycle, and increasing the performance of one Elbrus is directly proportional to the efforts to optimize the software. In addition to the listed high technical qualities of the server on Elbrus processors, the corporation notes its energy efficiency: the cost of cooling the rack is only 6% of the volume of electricity consumed.

Executive Director Rostec Oleg EvtushenkoHe said that such machines can be used for neural networks or complex mathematical calculations. They have a high level of information security. According to Yevtushenko, “Elbrus” does not contain “bookmarks”, which allow remotely affecting the operation of the system and illegally filming information.

Such computers are designed, first of all,for the military-industrial complex and government agencies where data security is important. However, Elbrus processors come into the open market.