Announced the first Russian mini PC HR-MPC-1 with increased protection against hacking

Russian company Hamster robotics from Skolkovoannounced its readiness to start production of the first domestic compact computer running on the Russian Baikal processor. The device, called HR-MPC-1, will run under the Russian version of Alt-Linux OS and has an increased level of protection against hacker attacks.

Overall dimensions of the HR-MPC-1 case, whichcan fit in the palm of your hand, make up only 115 x 115 x 35 mm. The hardware of the computer runs on the Baikal BE-T1000 processor, the production of which uses 28-per process technology. The computer has DDR3 RAM (1600 MHz) installed, and electricity consumption does not exceed 5 watts.

Depending on customer requirements may beused drive type HDD or SSD. The HR-MPC-1 computer is equipped with Ethernet connectors (up to 1 Gb / s), two SATA 3.0, USB 2.0, I2C, SPI, GPIO, UART, RS-232, RS-485, HDMI and DVI. Wi-Fi module is integrated in the motherboard.

According to the developers, the mainconsumers of new items will be government agencies and business structures. The company plans to produce computers in batches of 10 thousand units. Currently, the first deliveries are planned to be carried out in May 2020, however, adjustments may be made to the work schedule due to the exacerbation of the situation with the coronavirus epidemic.

Alt Linux operating system designed for HR-MPC-1 was implemented by Bazalt SPO. The price of a computer, depending on the modification, ranges from 25 to 30 thousand rubles.

Source: BFM