Announced the concept car Toyota LQ with artificial intelligence (11 photos)

Toyota engineers continueto amaze with their original ideas and presented the original concept of the futuristic car of the future Toyota LQ, which is a further development of Toyota “Concept-i”, announced in 2017.

The physical prototype of the Japanese car will bepresented at the Tokyo Motor Show in late October. Dimensions Toyota LQ 4,530 × 1,840 × 1,480 mm with a wheelbase of 2,700 mm. The mass of a car designed for 4 people is 1680 kg. One full charge of the battery is enough to cover a distance of 300 km.

The main advantage of Toyota LQ developersconsider the presence of built-in artificial intelligence "Yui", able to learn while driving and actively interact with the driver. During the training, Yui establishes a human-machine contact, guaranteeing individual support and autonomous control of the 4th level. The development of "Yui" was carried out by the Toyota Research Institute (TRI), and real system tests will be held from June to September 2020.

Built-in intelligence will implementcontinuous monitoring of the psychological state of the driver to guarantee safety and driving comfort. “Yui” supports interactive voice communication, will be able to activate the massage system integrated in the seats, independently adjusts the interior lighting, controls climate parameters, and adjusts the audio accompaniment of the trip. Artificial intelligence informs the driver the most important information about the condition of the road, the presence of problems on the highway and is responsible for navigation.

Standalone Level 4 Control (SAE2 Level 4)gives the driver the opportunity to not touch the car’s controls at all during the trip. The Automated Valet Parking System parking program, in which Panasonic participated in the development, will allow autonomous parking with a minimum clearance of only 20 cm to the nearest cars. In addition, the program independently finds a free parking space in the area close to the destination of the trip. In this case, not only the sensors and cameras of the car itself are used, but also there is an automatic connection to the parking surveillance system.

When picking a prototype Toyota LQ usedaugmented reality display from Panasonic, special seats with massage system from Toyota Boshoku, smart interior lighting and headlights projecting data onto the road for the driver and pedestrians.

Source: toyota