Announced the 10-nm processors Intel Ice Lake

Technological companies continue to acceleratepace to develop new, more productive processors. The other day, Intel announced the start of production of a new model range of 10-processor processors Ice Lake. The developers have published a technical specification for this line of chips, explaining the characteristic features of the marking.

The main achievement of the presented lineprocessors became the use of standards Wi-Fi 6 and Thunderbolt 3, low heat pack and integrated Intel Iris Plus graphics processors for top models.

In the lineup Intel Ice Lake will be released 11processor models, which will be marked with a six-digit code. The first two digits for all models are the same and indicate that the chips belong to the tenth generation. The third digit distributes models in the hierarchy of the model range by the clock frequency.

The most significant is the fourth digitmarking that indicates the type of thermal packet (TDP) of the processor. So the figure "0" is a Y-series chip with a heat pack from 9 to 12 W, which is used in tablets and laptops with passive cooling. The “5” digit is a high-performance U-series chip with a TDP of 15 to 25 W, and the “8” digit indicates that it is a 28-watt processor with a clock frequency of 2 GHz (4 GHz and higher in boost mode).

The remaining two digits indicate the type of embeddedgraphics processor. Code "G7" - Intel Iris Plus, 64 execution units, "G4" - - Intel Iris Plus, 48 ​​execution units and "G1" - 32 execution units.

The developers report that the difference inThe performance of chips with a heat pack of 12 W and 15 W manifests itself in multi-threaded applications. When the TPD increases by 3 W, the increase in the average frequency and performance reaches 5-15%, when tested with the help of Spec06, SYSmark and 3DMark.
Top-end processor lineup 4-coreCore i7-1068G7 has a minimum clock frequency of 2.3 GHz. The increase in performance when comparing the processor of the same series with a 15 W thermal pack will be 15%.

The new processor line also supportsAI instruction set - Deep Learning Boost, which used to be available only for Xeon chips. The use of this technology increases the speed of correction and indexing of images.

New processors will be installed in 35 models of laptops. However, the specific names, technical parameters and prices of computers will be presented later.

Source: theverge