Announced specifications of Intel Core 11th (Tiger Lake) and 12th (Rocket Lake) generations

Already on April 2, mobile processors will enter the marketIntel 10th Generation Intel Core Comet Lake-H. And two weeks later, on April 15, the first laptops equipped with these processors will be presented. Later in 2020, Intel's 11th generation Tiger Lake mobile processors, created using the 10 nm process technology, will replace last year's Intel Core 10th generation (Ice Lake). Chinese insider unveiled new technical details on the technical specifications of Intel Tiger Lake and Rocket Lake processors.

Independent sources previously reported thatTiger Lake mobile processors will use Willow Cove x86 cores, updated iGPUs, akin to the upcoming Intel Xe discrete GPUs. Support is also provided for PCI Express 4.0 and Thunderbolt 4 and a dual-channel DDR4-3200 / LPDDR4X-4266 memory controller. In the production of chips, a more advanced 10 nm + manufacturing process will be used. In 2019, information appeared about an engineering sample operating at a frequency of 4.0 GHz with all activated cores. Also recently in the SiSoftware database was shown an engineering sample of Intel Tiger Lake-U with impressive technical parameters.

The latest information suggests thatTiger Lake will belong to the 11th generation Core and will be released in all three subclasses. It can be assumed that energy-efficient Tiger Lake-Y chips, high-performance Tiger Lake-U and Tiger Lake-H core processors will enter the market.

For Tiger Lake-Y Rated Heat Pack (TDP)will be equal to 9 watts. For Tiger Lake-U, the TDP range is between 15 and 28 watts. For Tiger Lake-H processors, the TDP is 45 watts. Insiders say that Tiger Lake-Y and Tiger Lake-U will receive no more than 4 cores with GT2 graphics. Up to 8 cores will be used for Tiger Lake-H, which makes it the first 8-core Intel mobile processor created using the 10-nm process technology. The chip will receive up to 34 MB of cache: 24 MB L3 (3 MB per core) and 10 MB L2 (1.25 MB per core).

Rocket Lake processors are identified as 12thIntel Core Chip Generation. The lineup will include processors for both desktop and mobile systems. Rocket Lake-S desktop CPUs will be one of the most serious updates to Intel platforms in recent years using the new CPU architecture, iGPU Gen12 (Xe) and PCIe 4.0 support.

According to new information desktop Intel RocketLake-S will receive up to 8 cores and an updated LGA1200 connector, similar to the future updated Comet Lake-S. For the Rocket Lake mobile range, the delivery of the basic Rocket Lake-U and high-performance Rocket Lake-H is provided. Rocket Lake-U processors will have up to 6 cores with 12 threads at a TDP of 15 watts. For Rocket Lake-H, up to 8 cores with 16 threads and a TDP of 45 watts are provided. In both subspecies of the processors, the Xe GT1 GPU will be supplied.

Source: wccftech