Angry Birds game was transferred to augmented reality (3 photos + video)

The once popular game Angry Birds nowadaysSomething has spoiled the audience, but Rovio is confident that new technologies will return to the “Evil Birds” the deserved attention of users. The developers have prepared Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs, which with the help of augmented reality tools brings game scenes into real life.

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The essence of the game has not changed. The user still needs to use a slingshot and birds loaded into it to destroy the buildings of green pigs. In contrast to the classic 2D games Angry Birds, now the player will be able to approach the structures from any side, as well as from the bottom and from the top. Another innovation - all fortifications of pigs can be considered closer to find the most vulnerable places.

Bye Angry Birds AR game: Isle of Pigs, consisting of 40 levels, is available only for augmented reality ARKit from Apple. You can download it for free in the App Store on iPhone 6S and newer smartphones, iPad 5th generation and newer tablets, as well as iPad Pro and iPad mini (2019).