Android smartphones will be easier to flash

Google specialists have developed a newa service that significantly simplifies the process of flashing smartphones running Android. As a result, getting updates will become easier, and for this you will not need to attract specialists. The new service is called the Android Flash Tool.

Now the user does not have to search the Interneta special image, the firmware is carried out using a browser and communication via a USB cable, which ensures the receipt of AOSP software (Android Open Source Project). The Android Flash Tool application will provide an opportunity to install assemblies and updates released by Google, programs and patches for AOSP without additional difficulties.

Last year, assemblies producedProject Treble, however, only now has the Android Flash Tool, for browsers. The application uses the WebUSB API interface, which allows you to connect and work with your Android smartphone.

No image download required on computeroperating system and tools such as ADB (Android Debug Bridge). However, browsers require the use of the WebUSB APIs that have appeared Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge version 79 and newer, as well as in the latest versions of Opera. Currently, the Android Flash Tool only works with Google Pixel smartphones of all modifications.

Source: slashgear