Android smartphones are getting faster to get the current version of the OS

Recently, journalists of the American Internet resourceAndroid Authority conducted a study on the update rate of Android-smartphones by their manufacturers. The following fully unnamed mobile devices took part: LG G, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Huawei P, HTC OnePlus, Sony Xperia X, Nokia, Motorola Moto Z and Xiaomi Mi.

It turned out that companies began to produceupdates faster than before. On average, their devices take 118 days to get a fresh Android 9 Pie, officially announced on August 8, 2018. Previously, similar figures were 170 and 192 days for Android Oreo and Android Nougat, respectively.

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Sony set record with 67 days and OnePlus with 71in the afternoon Next comes Xiaomi (121 days), Huawei (134 days), Nokia (135 days) and Samsung (140 days). Motorola turned out to be closing with 157 days. Curiously, it was earlier that its devices were the first to receive the current versions of the Android operating system. However, in recent years, the situation has changed for the worse.

Unimportant indicators and the South Koreanmanufacturer LG. Its flagship G7 ThinQ started to get an Android Pie only last week, and then only in its homeland, in South Korea. The V35 ThinQ is just in the queue. Other smartphones, apparently, will be updated not sooner than the 2nd quarter of this year.