Android Q becomes even more functional.

There is no limit to perfection ... This seems to be a capitalthe truth most vividly manifests itself in the phones: with each update of the OS they become more and more perfect. New features and new options that they previously did not have, make the phones more functional and easy to use. So, the Android Q operating system will receive an update, the new option will simultaneously save the device battery power and allow it to be used more comfortably.

The phone will be able to more accurately regulate care.sleep mode, in contrast to the earlier version, where this option was provided by setting the display backlight off time. At the same time, the screen is often quenched at the most inappropriate time, which often irritated the consumer.

The latest version of Android Q has found another newparagraph, he was called "Adaptive Sleep". With this feature, the smartphone will respond to the view of the owner. The screen remains on exactly until the user looks at the display. The screen will go out as soon as he looks away. There are two benefits: in your absence, no one can look at the screen of your phone (the display does not recognize it), and turning it off “when not needed” saves battery power.

It is fair to say that this option has already been successfully used by other brands, for example, this is the Smart Stay feature in Samsung.

A new “Adaptive Sleep” option will first appear inFourth generation Google Pixel smartphones, then older Pixel models will receive this option (after the upgrade), and the company plans to make this feature available in all Android 10 gadgets in the near future.