Android can be installed on the Nintendo Switch game console (2 photos)

For professionals and game console fansNintendo Switch is an honor to be able to install various operating systems on the device. The prefix already worked under Windows 10 and Linux. A new achievement of the craftsmen was the installation on the Nintendo Switch of the Android 8.1 operating system, which allowed using the device as a full-fledged tablet.

To install Android, firmware is required Switchroot LineageOS 15.1, after which users can use the console to work in the Internet, view video files and play online games.

To optimize the process of working with the consoleIt is recommended that you install the Switchroot LineageOS 15.1 firmware on microSD memory cards with a capacity from 16 to 128 GB. In this case, to return to normal operation with the device, simply remove the card, after which the device turns from a tablet into a standard Nintendo Switch.

However to install the switchroot firmwareLineageOS 15.1 is suitable only consoles released before July 2018. Later this possibility was eliminated by the developers - by fixing a software gap.

Also, after installing the firmware, the device canthe operation is unstable, the touch panel stops responding to clicks, and the system does not support hibernation and auto-rotate the screen. Sometimes Wi-Fi is turned off, which can be restored only after the console is overloaded.

Source / firmware: XDA-Developers