Android browser Opera got a free VPN (2 photos + video)

Norwegian developers from Opera Software have released the next version of the mobile browser for Android. A VPN service is now built into this software.

The option is completely unlimited and free. No additional registration is required. To enable this functionality, just go to the tab “Privacy -> VPN” in the browser settings and click the switch there.

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VPN clients are becoming more popularamong users. Not surprising: they often hide where the gadget is physically located, and also do not store logs at all. Therefore, their owners may not be afraid of connections to unprotected Wi-Fi-networks in public places: train stations, restaurants, etc.

The fact is that between the mobile gadget anda remote VPN server creates a private connection, which is encrypted with a 256-bit algorithm. At the same time, the service sends user requests over a secure channel. In it, all outgoing and incoming network traffic is encrypted. Thus, the risk of leakage of data on user actions to third parties is significantly reduced.

Curiously, Opera had a special VPN application. After Telegram began to block in Russia, this application was removed from Google Play.