Android applications totally monitor users (2 photos)

In the era of widespread use of mobilegadgets man is harder to defend against total surveillance and universal control. California researchers at the International Computer Science Institute have revealed stunning facts. It turns out over 17 thousand Android applications are closely watching the actions of users.

The technology of tracking the host gadget withthe installed application uses the Advertising ID (Advertising ID), according to Google, being the only provider of user data for developers. However, Californian engineers have concluded that over 65% of applications receive unique personal information that can identify the user.

No litigation related toloss of personal data can not stop developers in the hunt for confidential information, leading to violation of Google policy. In fact, all application settings affect only restrictions on the transfer of information to an advertising identifier. However, any other confidential information can be obtained by the application, regardless of the client's wishes.

Enthusiasts have revealed that collect private datathe most popular applications, such as Angry Birds, Audible audio books, Battery Doctor and Clean Master applications, installed on more than 1 billion devices. The Google team has not responded to these studies.