Android and iOS constantly track smartphone data, but Google gets 20 times more data than Apple

Modern smartphones, regardless ofthe operating system used on them, are continuously transmitting data to their companies. It is noteworthy that data transfer is carried out even while the devices are in standby mode. Also, iOS and Android transmit telemetry, despite the owner's ban.

Data on Apple or Google servers on averagetransmitted every 4.5 minutes. The transfer indicates the phone model, its IMEI, the serial number of the equipment, the serial number of the SIM card and IMSI, the phone number and other information. This data was received by Douglas Leith from Trinity College in Ireland. According to the enthusiast, Apple and Google, as well as applications or services belonging to these giants, constantly monitor many parameters of the smartphone, even when it is in standby mode.

However, according to the technique developed by Leith, it wasdetermined that Google receives almost 24 times more data than Apple. Apple's internal servers receive 42 KB of information (when the smartphone is turned on), while Google reads up to 1 MB of data. In standby mode, Android collects 1 MB every 12 hours, while iOS collects 52 KB. As a result, the total traffic in the United States for smartphones running Android is 2.6 TB per day, while for the iPhone this figure is much more modest - 5.8 GB.

In response to the above company researchGoogle and Apple, without refuting the very fact of constant monitoring of smartphones, noted that Leith had chosen the wrong calculation method. In fact, the amount of data sent to Google and Apple servers is many times less. At the same time, both companies do not classify the transmitted data as confidential user data and declare that the information is necessary for the operational research of the device's performance, the release of updates and patches.

Source: scss