And you, Brutus ... The British company ARM also refuses to cooperate with Huawei

From under the feet of Huawei diligently knock the ground. The decision of the US government, separating the company from access to chipsets from Qualcomm and a number of other manufacturers, of course, did not bring much joy to Huawei, but at least it did not look fatal, since the company makes its own chipsets and actively uses them in its products.

Now about the decision to stop cooperation withHuawei announced the company ARM. For Huawei, this is a low blow - now HiSilicon simply has nothing to do with its processors - they are built on ARM technologies. Withdrawing a license to use these means that the Kirin's own processors will also become unavailable. To do smartphones will soon be nothing.

ARM is a company headquartered inUK and owned by the Japanese telecommunications and media group Softbank. From this side they did not wait for the blow, but what about you? They refer to “technology of American origin”, the presence of which in the products of the ARM itself gives grounds for joining the ban.

The good news is that against this background, the excommunication from Android does not seem to be the end of the world.


Tatyana Kobelskaya