And again autopilot: another accident occurred in Montana with the participation of the Tesla Model X

Sunday night, the Model X crashed intofencing in Montana, and again through the fault of the autopilot. Fortunately, the driver and passenger are both fine, reports Electrek. A friend of the driver posted pictures of the accident and described the details on the Tesla Motors Club forum later:

“Both people in the car survived. It was late at night, the autopilot could not register a wooden fence on the road, shot down more than 20 wooden obstacles; the tire near the front passenger seat and the headlights flew off. The speed limit was 55 (miles), the autopilot held 60. The car was completely destroyed. In the place where the accident occurred, I didn’t catch the phone signal, it was 100 miles from the hotel. ”

The car in autopilot mode drove within100 kilometers per hour, flew off the road and crashed into a wooden fence. Many wondered how the autopilot independently drove off-road, to which a friend of the driver replied that he would also like to find out.

The photos show a road without a centraldividing strip, although software update version 7.1 was supposed to allow the autopilot system to control Tesla on roads without a central dividing strip at acceptable speeds.

We are waiting for Tesla's official comment on this occasion. Elon Musk is not doing very well lately, as he himself accuses the conspirators.