Ancient Assyrian writings documented the strongest solar storms 2,700 years ago

Ancient Assyria - one of the most ancientstates of our planet, which can rightfully be considered the very first world empire in the history of mankind. According to an article published by, ancient Assyrian cuneiform tablets revealed the presence of hints of unusual solar activity, which was three large-scale solar storms that swept the planet about 2700 years ago.

Evidence of powerful magnetic storms was found in ancient cuneiform tablets of the ancient Assyrians

Magnetic storms through the eyes of the ancients

Although officially astronomers beganobservation of sunspots with telescopes only about 400 years ago, evidence of solar flares directly related to them were noticed in ancient times. Due to the fact that solar flares that occur in the colder regions of our star send a huge amount of charged particles into space, part of this radiation still reaches the Earth’s atmosphere, negatively affecting the operation of communication systems, satellites and power systems.

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In recent years, scientists have been able to identifyseveral extreme events of space weather until 1610, having studied radiocarbon in the rings of trees and found that the most powerful magnetic storms could occur in 775, 993 and 994 years of our era. Despite the result, the researchers decided to go further in their experiment, having discovered that the inhabitants of Babylon and Assyria began to conduct their first astrological observations as early as the 8th century BC. So, the researchers reviewed the auroral events, which were recorded by astrologers of Ancient Assyria using cuneiform tablets, some of which really contained information about the auroras that swept our planet in the period between 680 and 650 BC.

The ancient Assyrian writings were able to document the appearance of the northern lights at unusual latitudes for him about 2700 years ago

Japanese researchers found tabletsdescribe an unusual red sky that suddenly appeared before ancient scientists. The team believes that these descriptions are probably the result of the so-called auroral red arcs, the appearance of which is provoked by magnetic fields that act on the electrons in oxygen atoms. Researchers note that the magnetic North Pole of the Earth at that time was much closer to the Middle East than today, that is, events related to solar activity were observed not only at the modern poles of the planet, but also at more southern latitudes.

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Reconstruction of solar activity whichoccurred thousands of years ago, can help scientists predict the onset of magnetic storms in the future and recreate the history of solar flares. Knowing this information can provide a good theoretical basis for researchers involved in improving methods for protecting spacecraft during magnetic storms.