Analytics - how much can you earn from mining cryptocurrency? (2 photos)

Another rise in the price of bitcoin, exceeding the backgroundriots in the United States, a historical record of 42 thousand dollars, revived the topic of quick money using the simplest crypto farms for mining digital assets using ordinary video cards.

Overclockers have triedto cool the ardor of short-term investors who want to make quick profits based on mining cryptocurrencies on traditional video cards. Based on the summary table, the experts showed the level of earnings and gave the payback periods for equipment based on GeForce and Radeon video cards. At the same time, the difference in electricity tariffs was not taken into account and the regions where such mining farms will operate were not indicated.

The results of earnings when mining the second softwarethe capitalization of the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency is not very impressive. So, when operating a GeForce RTX 3090 video card, which costs $ 1,500, the daily profit will be $ 10, and the payback is, respectively, 150 days.
It should be noted that the prices for video cards are alsomay vary and sometimes exceed the recommended prices indicated in the tables by two or more times. In addition, depending on the region and season, the price of electricity varies greatly and the cost of 0.8 dollars per day for the GeForce RTX 3090 can also vary significantly.

However, the main problem for newly mintedminers may become the cryptocurrency rate, which is rapidly changing day by day and in six months, required for the payback of the GeForce RTX 3090, may fall several times from today's price of $ 1,125 for one ethereum (yesterday the price of ETH reached $ 1,340).

Source: overclockers