Analog Tesla Model 3 from Volvo: characteristics and photos

In 2017 it became known that the Swedishcar manufacturer Volvo intends to compete with Tesla. The first step to this was the release of a hybrid car Polestar 1, which did not gain popularity due to the high cost. Subsequently, the company decided to release the all-electric version of Polestar 2, which is positioned as a competitor to the Tesla Model 3 - it will receive approximately the same characteristics and cost.

The design of the car is still kept secret, butthanks to the images of the operating system that are merged into the Internet, its general outlines are already known. Judging by them, a stylish fastback with four doors and, possibly, a translucent roof is waiting for future buyers. While it is known only about the black version of the car, but in the future other color options are possible.

The software part will be based on the system.Android and interact closely with the voice assistant Google Assistant. According to official data, it will be constantly connected to the Internet and support the same services as Android smartphones. Applications can be downloaded via Google Play, so passengers can listen to music, watch movies and even chat with friends. It is noteworthy that the applications will be configured so that they are convenient to use on a large display of the cabin.

5 facts about Volvo's Tesla Model 3 competitor:

  • This is the first all-electric car from Polestar and Volvo;
  • One battery charge is enough to overcome approximately 482 km;
  • Engine power - 400 horsepower;
  • The software platform is based on Android, but this is not Android Auto;
  • The car will be available for purchase and for use by subscription.
  • It is already known that the production of Polestar 2 was launched in December 2018. The company says that in the coming weeks, users will learn more details.

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