An unknown mysterious Sony device is patented (2 photos)

All actions of leading world developerselectronic devices are closely monitored by fans and advanced users, who have not escaped the new Sony patent for a device with an original design and designed according to the technical documentation “for data processing and peripherals”.

The patent documentation does not indicate directthe purpose of the device, however, many experts agree that this is the long-awaited PlayStation 5 game console. The patent is registered on behalf of Sony technical director Yasuhiro Otori, famous for the fact that he demonstrated the detailed disassembly and interior layout of the PlayStation 4 parts in 2013.

The design of the case of the patented device is similaron a traditional set-top box, but significantly different from previous Sony PlayStation models. The straightforward design of the PlayStation 4 was replaced by volumetric and rounded cooling grills, with a V-shaped main radiator located in the center.

On the front panel there are severalUSB connectors and a drive, and on the back there are connectors for a power source and for connecting a video device. Some experts suggest that a device with a futuristic design can be released in a limited edition and offered for game developers.

It is known that when testing the future PlayStation 5 set-top box, developers achieved a tenfold increase in download speed compared to the PlayStation 4 Pro.