An underwater boat for military divers has been created. What is it for?

Did you know that the composition of the naval armedforces of many states include not only ordinary sailors, but also military divers? Their main tasks are to protect ships and coastal structures from enemy attacks, but sometimes the troops of these fighters have to move to enemy territory. At the moment, helicopters and submarines are used for their delivery, but with every sortie in the water depths, fighters run the risk of being discovered and killed. To save their lives, the British company SubSea Craft has developed a high-speed boat that makes the delivery of fighters less dangerous.

The VICTA boat is able to sail both above and below the water

The craft is called VICTA andits main feature is that it can swim both above and below the water. Its hull is made of lightweight materials, and a 725 horsepower diesel engine is used to operate as a conventional boat. When the boat is submerged with four horizontal screws, two electric motors with a capacity of 20 kilowatts each will go into action.

VICTA boat made of light materials

Exploration submarine

In surface water mode, the boat will be able toaccelerate to 55.6 kilometers per hour and overcome 463 kilometers. As soon as the device approaches enemy territory, it can sink under water in 2 minutes and quietly swim to its destination at a speed of 14 kilometers per hour. Thus, equipped fighters inside an unusual apparatus can suddenly attack the enemy or secretly conduct reconnaissance. Or, even cooler, they can commit sabotage - plant bombs and destroy enemy targets.

VICTA boat can cover 463 kilometers

By the way, VICTA can fit inside the boatonly 8 armed divers. 15 countries currently have combat swimmers, including the USA, China and Russia. Their equipment necessarily includes modern breathing apparatus to provide them with air underwater, devices for detecting underwater objects at a distance of 100 meters and firearms. Russian divers, for example, can carry an APS submarine and an SPP-1M pistol.

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Robotic boat Marine Lizard

In general, the VICTA boat is not the only one ina kind of swimming machine. Maybe someone remembers that in April 2019, we wrote about the world's first unmanned boat Marine Lizard, also designed to discreetly land troops on enemy territory. However, unlike the hero of this news, he cannot swim under water. But he swims perfectly at a speed of 92.6 kilometers per hour and moves on land at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour.

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Reading about all these military technologies in my headimages appear, as if descended from screens with action-packed action movies. Just imagine how a detachment of armed fighters imperceptibly for the enemy landed on its territory and makes a thorough reconnaissance. It seems really cool - what about military developments do you think? Let's discuss this in our Telegram chat.