An official video of Xiaomi Mi 11 disassembly presented, and Zach Nilsson tested the smartphone for strength (2 videos)

This week, Xiaomi introducedthe global version of the Mi 11 smartphone, the cost of which, according to some sources, is similar to the Apple iPhone 12 and is a little over $ 370. However, the Xiaomi smartphone, as usual, will go on sale at a price significantly lower than that of its main competitors.

For advertising purposes, Xiaomi has publisheda disassembly video of the global version of the flagship Mi 11 smartphone, which shows the main technical components and gives a complete overview of the device's design. Based on the official video, it can be assumed that the disassembly will take place fairly quickly and without much difficulty.

When removing the display, even thoughcurved shape, not much effort was expended. This testifies to the high maintainability of the smartphone. It is also easy to change the battery in the Mi 11, which is indicative of the small amount of glue used when installing it.

Zach Nilsson from JerryRigEverything YouTubeI also managed to test the Mi 11 for the scratch resistance of the case and tested the smartphone for durability. The screen, protected by Victus Gorilla Glass, showed scratches when exposed to objects with a hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale. The flexural test did not destroy either the screen or the rear glass panel. As a result, Nilsson noted that the smartphone has passed the durability test, and its parts and assembly are fully consistent with the price of the device.

Source: gsmarena