An MRI machine that fits in a backpack was created

Continuous monitoring of the brainactivity will become possible after the introduction of a compact MRI apparatus invented by American scientists that fits in a standard backpack. However, the equipment will only be intended for patients who have a neural implant that records data on the functioning of the brain.

The latest device created in the laboratoryneuromodulation and neuroimaging at the University of California (Los Angeles). Engineers have designed a compact device weighing less than 4 kg, and its dimensions allow it to be carried in an ordinary backpack.

The presence of a constantly working MRI machineallows scientists to monitor the brain activity of patients in real time. Thus, results will be obtained not only for patients who are in inpatient treatment in the hospital, but also for people who carry out daily activities.

The only limitation to useultracompact MRI is the presence of a special neural implant in a patient that records brain activity. It is noteworthy that at present the number of such people exceeds 150 thousand. The use of the device will help in the development of effective methods for treating neurological and mental disorders.

Source: cell