An interesting experiment - thermal paste was compared with toothpaste, ketchup and cream (2 photos)

Those who themselves assembled a PC or servicedvideo card knows that even between thermal pastes there are huge differences, but what if instead of thermal paste on a video card you use “slurry” and other substances that are completely not intended for this? An interesting experiment was carried out on an old Radeon R7 240 video card with a TDP of 30 W, but the results were even more interesting.

Enthusiast tested video card cooling withketchup, potatoes, cheese and other unsuitable items as thermal paste. In addition to the usual thermal pastes, the enthusiast tested: double-sided aluminum-copper tape, cheese slices, potato slices, ketchup, copper paste and penaten cream. The author has also used a wide range of toothpastes.

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Naturally, all food showed poor results.The double-sided aluminum gasket was the worst option of all - it led to a shutdown of the system. Cream and copper paste also caused problems. Interestingly, different types of toothpaste performed well.

Source: tomshardware