An insider showed the work of the yet unannounced iPhone 12 Pro Max

Controversy continues among insiders abouttechnical parameters of Apple smartphones, the presentation of which is scheduled for the near future. The most actively discussed topic is the presence of a LIDAR sensor, as on the latest iPad Pro, the screen refresh rate and the size of the cutout on the front of the iPhone 12 smartphones. A new video about the alleged iPhone 12 Pro Max has appeared on the Internet, allowing to dispel the uncertainty in these issues.

Inside submitted by John Prosser of Front PageTech, claiming the unannounced iPhone 12 Pro Max is featured in the video. The enthusiast also showed individual photos, from which it can be concluded that the smartphone has a LIDAR sensor and support for a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

The demo video provided byProsser's statement, directly from Apple's testing department, shows the iOS settings that allow conclusions to be drawn about individual technical parameters of the smartphone. One of the setup screens demonstrates the forced display refresh rate switching feature. There is also a window with an additional list of camera settings, in which you can activate LIDAR support.

According to the source's statementinformation, we can assume that the final version of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is shown, which will be announced in September. Thus, the new iPhones will retain a large cutout for the front camera and support for 4K video recording at up to 240 frames per second. At the same time, the 2020 iPhones will receive a LIDAR sensor on the back, which explains the increase in the size of the camera bump by 10%.

Source: slashgear