An insider has published the official promo video for Android 12 (video)

The official presentation will take place this weekthe next version of Android 12, but insiders were able to get information in advance that allows the community to appreciate the upcoming changes in one of the most popular operating systems in the world. On the Front Page Tech YouTube channel, blogger John Prosser has unveiled the official Android 12 presentation promo video.

In the comments to the video, the insider noted thatThe developers have changed the interface of Android 12, in keeping with their long tradition of making incremental small adjustments to improve the look and feel of the operating system. As usual, the developers add new animations to the system and modify individual interface elements.

The updated Android 12 OS will introduce newwidgets, animations and buttons. In particular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggling has been redesigned, weather and music widgets have been added, and notification grouping is now available across apps.

The official launch of Android 12 will take place at the traditional but virtual May Google I / O Developer Conference from May 18 to 20, 2021.