An individual jetpack with vertical take-off and landing has been created (3 photos + 2 videos)

The desire of man to fly withIn recent years, Swiss inventor Yves Rossi has been successfully implementing individual devices, creating a satchel with a power plant, providing flight and maneuvering for the user. The main problem for the previously created Rossi vehicles was the moment of launch and landing using a satchel. The new invention of the wing with vertical take-off and landing eliminate the problem and expand the capabilities of the devices.

Earlier to start the flight, the user is jetthe knapsack was supposed to jump out of an airplane or a helicopter, that is, it was taken out into the open space using an aircraft. Also, for landing, a parachute was required, which was opened if necessary to land. The rest of the time, the satchel user had the freedom to maneuver.

With the advent of the new device - the monocoop-knapsackwith four jet engines, all landing and takeoff problems are a thing of the past. The inventor himself demonstrated the capabilities of a device equipped with Jetcat P550 jet engines, which are placed in pairs to the right and left of the user. The created thrust allows a person to take off vertically at a speed of 180 km / h. Also, the wing is equipped with an automatic balancing system, which allowed the hands of the tester to be released.

The control system of the new device is integrated into the gloves, which provides comfort during flight and provides additional opportunities for the “pilot”.