An honest hacker hacked scammers who tried to deceive him (3 photos + video)

Modern Robin Hoods armed with computertechnologies, they are engaged in catching fraudsters on the Internet, "hunting" those who want to lure money or get access to bank cards of gullible users of the worldwide network. One of these "hunters", himself working on the verge of the law, hacked criminals who tried to deceive him, posing as Amazon employees.

Numerous online scammers are activelyuse a scheme of work through imaginary call centers, extorting money from users, having previously presented themselves as representatives of the tax service, technical support of banks or employees of Internet companies such as Amazon.

One of these semi-legal "white" hackers underunder the nickname Scambaiter filmed the process of catching the "live bait" of scammers from a hacker call center in India. The video of the process of "divorce" of the scammers was posted on the YouTube channel of the modern Robin Hood, where it gained over 15.1 million views in a month, increasing the number of subscribers to the hacker-activist channel from 200 to 550 thousand.

At the first stage, the scammers sent to the addressScambaiter is a fake email reporting a fake order on Amazon that he did not make. The letter included a return service number redirecting to a fraudulent call center in India. Here he was required to verify or simply transfer the password to Amazon, which opened the way for access to the user's bank cards.

In the process of negotiations with gullible scammersScambaiter not only found out the IP address of the criminals, but also "figured out" the address of the call center, gained access to their computers, where it found employee IDs and extortion scenarios in files. The scam bounty hunter did not stop there and connected to the webcam of the call center workers. At the final stage of the conversation, when the criminals were already feeling their luck, Scambaiter displayed video from their own webcam on the scammers' monitor. Terrified hackers' reactions, their fleeing and attempts to close or disable the camera became the basis for a viral video posted on the YouTube channel Scambaiter.