An attempt to set a speed record on the ground is delayed until 2017

Looks like we’ll have to wait before weWe will see how the car accelerates to a speed of more than 1600 kilometers per hour. After enthusiastic reviews at the September show, the Bloodhound team announced a rescheduled attempt to break the record due to insufficient funding.

Jet driven carthe Rolls-Royce EJ2000 engine from the Eurofighter Typhoon fighter, a bunch of Nammp hybrid rockets and a Jaguar V8 supercharged engine, was supposed to zip along the highway in South Africa to beat the previous world maximum speed record (1227 kilometers per hour) set by the Thrust SSC in October 1997

New plans suggest making the first attempt to break the record in April or May 2017. In addition, a “slower” trial will be made in the UK this year.

“We need extra money to carryexperiment, ”said project director Richard Noble. “It’s always difficult to do something unique and high-tech — ask Richard Branson or Elon Musk about it — but such projects make history.”

Noble claims the project has sponsors, butfinancing is slower than required. By delaying the race, the team hopes to be able to better prepare the car for the installation of a new world record.