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An Arab moon rover will be delivered to the moon in 2022. What will he do?

When it comes to space missions, peopleusually think about projects of NASA agency, SpaceX company and Roscosmos corporation. But relatively recently, the United Arab Emirates began to make progress in space exploration. So, in February 2021, Arab scientists successfully delivered the Al Amal interplanetary station to Mars, and it has already sent several interesting photographs to Earth. The United Arab Emirates does not want to be satisfied with what has already been achieved and in a year they plan to leave their mark on the moon with the help of the Rashid apparatus. But they cannot do without outside help, and at the moment it is known that colleagues from Japan, Europe and the United States will help scientists with the launch of the mission. This is not the first collaboration of this kind - we are clearly waiting for a very interesting event. Let's see what exactly the Rashid lunar rover is needed for and how organizations from different countries will contribute to the mission? SpaceX was also among the partners of Arab scientists.

The iSpace lander as seen by the artist

How will the launch of the Arab moon rover go?

How exactly the Arab Rashid rover will look like is still unknown. What is clear is that it will be developed at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, which was founded in 2006.

But a lot of interesting information is known aboutthe lander, which will deliver the lunar rover but the satellite of our planet. The device is being designed by the Japanese company iSpace, which recently helped Arab scientists bring the Al Amal station to Mars. The lander, 2.3 meters high and 2.6 meters wide, will weigh 240 kilograms. Its assembly will be carried out by the European company ArianeGroup. After the lander is fully ready, it will be sent to the United States. There, the landing module will be loaded into the cargo module of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle, with the help of which it will be launched into space.

A Falcon 9 launch vehicle will be used to launch the Raship lunar rover into Earth orbit.

The lander will fly to the moonyourself. Solar panels will be used as a power source. Also, the device will be equipped with a battery from the Japanese company NGK Spark Plug. It is a fairly large manufacturer of spark plugs and other components for internal combustion engines. By sending the battery to the moon, the company wants to make sure it is exactly suitable for use in extreme conditions. On the satellite of our planet, the temperature can range from -173 to +127 degrees Celsius, and the battery is just designed to work with such temperature drops.

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Why study the moon?

Apparently, the Arabian moon rover Rashid willthe study of the lunar surface. In the future, the data collected can help in the collection of useful resources. After all, scientists have long wanted to build their own station on the moon, inside which scientists can conduct research. It will also be a great starting point for other space objects like Mars and other planets. To build a station, bricks and other materials are needed and it will be difficult and very expensive to deliver them from Earth. So it is better to extract resources directly on the moon, make building materials from them and use them to build a station.

People on the Moon as seen by the artist

In the next 10 years, the moon can become veryclosely. In 2024, NASA wants to send a man and a woman there as part of the Artemis program. The agency also supports the Commercial Lunar Payload Services program, under which private companies can study the satellite of our planet. So soon we will be watching the launches of many different lunar spacecraft. Basically, scientists will look for sources of water and other resources that are necessary for a long stay of people on the moon.

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But the first thing humanity should do is to buildstation not on the surface of the moon, but in its orbit. In February 2021, it became known that the participants of the Artemis program would not fly to the satellite directly, but would first arrive at the lunar station Gateway and only from there would descend to the lunar surface. The head of SpaceX, Elon Musk, recently offered his help in creating this station. It is already known that the entrepreneur wants to help NASA with the delivery of the two main parts of the station into space and for this the Falcon Heavy launch vehicle will be used. You can read about how the Gateway station will be transported to the lunar orbit at this link.